Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

As a small to medium sized Enterprise (SME) the incentive to cut waste, contribute to our local community, and do business in a sustainable way, are goals that have always been at the heart of our methods of working.

As a company, we have embraced the ‘paperless office’ concept from a very early stage but did not see the dramatic results until after we moved all our services to a digital platform in September 2016. None of our members of staff were made redundant. Indeed, they are all fully deployed in our now more sustainable methods of working and we foresee continued expansion.

In a collaborative effort with our clients and partners, we have managed to reduce paper waste at our company by as much as 95%. Advances in digital technology have therefore enabled us to make that leap forward in sustainable working by helping us to also reduce the number of printers in our office from 4 to only 1 and cutting down on the use of stationery by 90%.

Other efforts that we, our staff and visitors are also fully engaged in include: turning off water taps after use, turning off the lights in unoccupied offices the kitchen and toilets, using refillable water bottles for drinking water, not over filling the kettle for hot drinks, using crockery and cutlery instead of plastic, walking to work, using public transport and car sharing.

60% of our workforce are local and a number of them are also involved in community projects, all of which is helping us to make a meaningful contribution to the local economy and community at the same time as collectively reducing our carbon footprint in the interests of climate change.

Modern Slavery Statement

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